Monday, June 7, 2010

Play Dresses for Faith

I made these two dresses for Faith yesterday because she is in desperate need of some new play clothes. I love the Sienna pattern from Lil Blue Boo. I'm new at sewing, and I have had hardly any problems with this pattern. I love buying patterns online vs. in the store. They are SO much easier for me to understand. Here is Faith modeling for me yesterday.
I think that the yellow submarine one is my favorite. Both of the actual t-shirts are from Target, and all of the knits are from Hobby Lobby. They fit her perfect, too! I can't wait to show you pictures of our beach trip for Zach's birthday!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gardening and Gymnastics Awards

Sadly, I have no sewing pictures to show you all. I still need to get some from my cousin in Kansas of all of the things I made my sweet little cousin Ava. Oh well, I will hopefully have them soon. However, I am just as excited about our garden as I always am about sewing! So, I hope you enjoy this pictures as much as I have! Let me start by showing you a picture of our entire garden. The plants have all just grown fantastically! Faith is so amazed at how big they have gotten (I really am, too).
Here are some blueberries on our little blueberry bush.
This is one of our bell peppers.
Here is a little jalapeno.
This is a squash blossom. I also got a picture of our one and ONLY little squash. I don't have a wonderful camera, so it's basically a yellow blur on here.

Here are our enormous zucchini plants (with no zucchinis...yet)
Look at all of these tomatoes!
This is our "Topsy Turvy" hanging strawberry planter...I'll let you all know how it goes!
These are two of the flowers we have in our front bed, along with some azaleas. I love the Day Lilies and Violet Salvia....such a great color combination!
I can't wait til we can start picking everything. Faith told me this morning, "When Daddy gets home, the first thing we are doing is bringing him to see our garden! He doesn't even get to go to the bathroom first, he has to see these vegetables!" I absolutely love that she is so excited about something like this.

Here is Faith at her gymnastics awards ceremony last week.

"Whoa! That medal is for me?"

Now I'm off to clean...a LOT. 
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