Sunday, February 28, 2010

Big and Little Sister Shirts

I got these ADORABLE little princess crown applique and hair pretty files from Pickle Pie.
Aren't they just sweet? The crowns come with both a blank crown and one with "Princess" across the crown. I have been wanting to make F and L some new Big and Little Sister shirts for a while, and when I saw these I knew they were perfect! When Lily was first born they each had four or five matching sister shirts (I know I might have liked dressing them like that a *little* too much), but they've outgrown them all now.

I really wish I could figure out some way to make them sit still and take a picture. Oh well, here's what I was able to get! The shirt color (Cherokee Brand from Target) makes Faith's eyes look gorgeous, wow.
Okay well I guess since the past two day's sewing has been completely devoted to my little sweethearts, I'll have to do some orders tomorrow. I'm incredibly happy with these shirts and the little dresses from yesterday! I feel accomplished =)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Clothes for the Girls

My friend Andrea had given me a pair of her daughter's old jeans a couple of weeks ago to turn into a skirt for her. They fit fine width wise, but were too short. She wanted some type of zebra outfit for the rodeo. I finished it up, and I can't wait to make one for Faith! Kailee is her best friend, and after modeling the outfit for a picture of Kailee's outfit, Faith wants one "soon". It looked adorable on Faith, and I am sure it will on Kailee. The Zebra K is from Lynnie Pinnie, isn't is cute?

Then Faith requested that I take a picture of her sitting "like a lady", now if we can only get her to act this sweet all the time...hmm...any suggestions? 

Before I make she and Lily little outfits like this,  I had to do these adorable little jumpers. I did Lily's last night and Faith's this morning (thank you to my husband for keeping them outside for a good couple of hours this am). Aren't they just precious? In the summer they'll be perfect without anything underneath. I used the Carla C Sweet Tops and Dresses pattern from You Can Make This. I did the jumper style bodice, cut all the strips and sewed them together, then added a strip at the bottom. I really LOVE them both. Of course Faith thinks Lily's is prettier, *sigh*.

Weren't the girls cute at Madelyn's birthday party? They had a really great time... that is, until we had to leave because of a full blown melt down. Look at little Princess Madelyn in her shirt-
She is such a little ham! 
Oh, and I didn't make this dress Lily is wearing (it has nothing to do with Ruffles n Ribbons), but I had to show you this picture. Isn't this the CUTEST thing you have EVER seen? This is my friends son Brayden, and look at Lily flirting! Wow!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Princess Madelyn

My friends daughter, Madelyn Grace, is turning one this weekend! She is having a princess party, and I had the pleasure of making her a special little shirt and birthday banner. I can't wait to see her in the shirt! I just bought this Shabby Sweet Ruched Princess Crown from Embroitique last week. The shirt is adorable. I did have to do the file twice, but once I did it the second time and made a couple of changes, it came out perfect. The PDF directions that come with the file say to cut ten inch long strips for the ruffles, and when I did this they were WAY too long. The ruffles were so thick that I broke three needles and had a mini freak out before quitting! However, I went and bought another shirt, and this time cut strips ~5 inches long. This worked wonderfully, and the shirt came out exactly like the picture!
On to her banner, which will look precious in her room after decorating her birthday party. Didn't I tell you that pinks and greens were a trend right now? Oh yes, they are. I am doing a cute little birthday outfit for baby Cambrie in the next couple of weeks that will be pink and turquoise- I'm excited! I have been doing SO many pink and green things lately! The colors just look great together. This banner is the Perfectly Posh Pennant Banner from Embroitique. Remember my adorable Valentines day one here? I LOVE these banners. The party one does take a LOT of thread ( I replaced the bobbin ~every 1.5 pennants), but it is so worth it. The embroidering is beautiful. I can't wait to make out Easter one! 

Of course I had to make Faith a little something yesterday. I got some cute polka dot knit at Hobby Lobby when I ran in for felt ( I can't ever skip the fabric dept). Lily's will be done today. I forgot to post a pic of Lily in her last little t-shirt and knit dress like I made for Faith. I do honestly make her stuff quite a bit too, just somehow forget to take pictures as much. Maybe it's because she is almost impossible to photograph? Anyway, here is Faith in her dress. We went to the park yesterday after gymnastics for our weekly picnic, and she played in it with her friends.
Aren't they sweet? Of course they are four year old girls (which in itself is DRAMA), so moments after this picture one was crying, because the others weren't her friend anymore or something of that's only the beginning. They are precious though, and I love watching them play =).

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Dining Room Decor

Isn't this the greatest idea ever? I got it from...drum roll please...Tatertots and Jello. She did this for a Valentines decoration with the word love and red cardstock. I decided to do something that I could use for a longer period of time, and our dining room needed a splash of color. I LOVE the outcome. Tonight I have a lot of work to do. I got two AWESOME books in the mail yesterday. I also have birthday stuff to finish up for a party I have a picture and then am off to sew!

Zach just got done refinishing the bottom of our china cabinet, and I know it will be at least a month or so before the hutch that goes on top is done. I think I'll keep the "Family" frames out right here until then. After the hutch is finish they will go on the wall! Yay for new decorations, and not a whole lot of money spent =)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Burp Cloth Set and New Shirts

This weekend my lovely niece came and stayed the day and night with us. I was a bit apprehensive about having three little girls running around, but it was actually a very pleasant day/evening. She is just the sweetest little girl, and we truly enjoyed having her. While she was here I made her a little shirt with her name on it and a flower clip to match. The set looked absolutely adorable on her. Here are a couple of pictures of precious Diana Rose.
Isn't she beautiful? Such a sweetheart.

I also completed an order for a burp cloth set and a birthday shirt for a little boy name Tyhg (pronounced like Tiger, without the -er). His name is spelled T-Y-H-G. His mom and I talked SEVERAL times about the spelling of his name, and how she even misspells it sometimes (Tygh). For some reason people just want to put the G before the H. I assured her that I would check double check before saving it in Embird, and did exactly that. However, I kept thinking the G was first, ugh. So what did I do? I stitched it out Tygh, instead of Tyhg. At least Amber (Tyhg's mommy) and I got a good laugh out of it. Here is the correct (second) shirt. I love the contrast of the lime and royal blue!

Here are the burp cloths I did for her sister. She is naming her baby Mckynzi Kay. I think the spelling is so unique. In the picture the embroidery seems to blend in with the fabric, but it is much more viewable in person. I love love LOVE the first one. That zebra font is from Lynnie Pinnie, and it is a favorite of mine.

I am going to work on a wall art decoration that
 I am extremely excited about tonight! Hopefully I will have pictures in a couple of days. It's another tutorial I got from Tatertots and Jello. How does she think of all these AWESOME ideas? I wish I knew!
Good night!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Nursery Letters

So these little twins- Camryn and Chloe, have had their letters in progress for a LONG time. We couldn't find an "O" that matched the wooden letters they had for a good while, and then I was busy with the holidays. The good news is, they are finally finished!! Their room is done in pink and green, and I found the most adorable papers in those colors. I didn't put ribbons on these letters to hang them because I figured they would take up so much space in their room to begin with since there are two. I had trouble getting my camera on the right setting to show the colors right, can you tell? I couldn't think of anywhere I could take them outside and put them without messing them up!
Now for McKenzie's letters. Pink and green seems to be the theme right now, but they are good colors. I'm anxious to do some letters in different colors than these now though. I can't wait til one of my best friends finds out what she is having for sure so I can get to work! Here are McKenzie's letters-
The girls and I all three have colds, yuck. I also have a lot of sewing to do, and it's supposed to rain all day. Looks like we will break our TV rules today and let Faith watch movies while I try to catch up. Lily likes to sit on the stool in my room and watch me, and hopefully she'll nap ;).

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cute Lilttle Baby Set

My Aunt and cousin from Kansas ordered a couple of little things for a friend who is having a baby girl soon, her name is going to be Kiera (isn't that pretty?). My cousin told me that Mommy isn't much into the frilly, boutique-ish look, and I had JUST the fabric in mind. Typically (as you've seen) most of my girl items are GIRLY. That is usually what people request, and  I  make most of my girls' stuff that way. One day when I was fabric shopping I came across these beautiful vintage flower fabrics, that I absolutely love! I have been meaning to make dresses with them for Faith and Lily, but have only gotten as far as tracing out the patterns *sigh*. I will have them done soon though, in the next two weeks! I'll have to start on their Easter outfits soon after that, and since I never procrastinate *wink* that means I should start, hmmm....tonight? Anyway, I love the way this stuff came out. I did the bow pretty small and simple, and then a couple of little flower clips to match. I hadn't made a little flower out of fabric yet, but isn't it sweet?

The big "K" on the onesie is from the Vintage font at Lynnie Pinnie and the font across it came from 8 Claws and a Paw and is called Itty Bitty. It's one of my favorites. 

On the bib I used a Polka Dot heart applique, and left off the polka dots...I'm not sure where it's from. I got it off of Swak when I first started embroidering, and I have gotten so many since then I lost track of where it came from! The font is the Kayleigh font from 8 Claws and a Paw

I finished Chloe and Camryn's letters, yay! I also had an order for some for Kenzie. I will put pics up later or tomorrow, I haven't taken them all yet. Everyone go out and enjoy this beautiful day, tomorrow is supposed to be bad. We've already been to the gym, then to gymnastics, and gone and had a picnic at the park! Now it's nap time for Lily and time for me to clean, blah.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day Pics and a Burlap Wreath

The husband and I are celebrating Valentines Day next weekend (due to babysitting, etc), so this weekend the girls and I made a trip to Austin. I snapped some pictures of the girls outside before church today. They looked adorable!

They are so gorgeous. I think we got more compliments today on their outfits at church, Chuys, and Costco than ever before *smile*. I was proud. I can't believe Lily actually kept her headband on too!
Usually when we come up here I pack my entire sewing room and tote it along. I can actually finish something start to finish here with the help of Nana and Granny. I get more accomplished in a day than in a week at my house! However, this time I decided I would take a break from it. I needed to finish two sets of letters, and I wanted to try this non-sewing wreath project that I found on Tatertots and Jello. Most importantly, just spend some good quality time with my family =). Anyway, this mommy is amazing. I can't wait to try so many more of her crafts. This Burlap Wreath Tutorial is just great! Here is my version, that I just LOVE. Tuesday it will be hanging on my door at home!

I had a lot of fun with this! I'm about to go get started on finishing Miss Chloe's letters. I do miss my machines though! It has been kind of weird not sewing/embroidering the past couple of days!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Teacher's Gifts are Finished

gI did all of Faith's teacher's gifts today! She has two teachers for extended care in the morning, two for preschool in the afternoon, and I always do something for the Director and Assistant Director too. I absolutely love her school. I have such great relationships with her teachers and the director. It's awesome knowing your child is being taken care of by loving people. This past Christmas was the first year I have ever been able to make presents for Faith's teachers before. I always put a lot of thought into their gifts, and Faith always had a part in picking them something out. This year, it has really been neat to actually make each one something personal. Faith picked out the fabrics for every single glasses case that I made for them. She came into my sewing room, picked a fabric, and told me exactly who it was for. I only had to talk her out of one once (and that's because it was leftover sparkly snowman). So anyway, here are the finished products! I can't wait for Faith to give them to everyone tomorrow! We also made Apple Banana Bread from the most amazing recipe ever. I saw it on my cousin's page (which if you haven't checked out- Go!, she is my sewing idol), and after reading the recipe couldn't wait to try it! We've now made it twice, and the pan has lasted less than two days! Wow! We are putting a slice into these little bags with cute curly string ties. Okay, really now here are the pictures-
These are an In the Hoop from Pickle Pie that I just adore. They really make adorable gifts! Here are a few up close-

So, I'm sure you've noticed my blog has a new look. I really miss my old background, a lot, but it doesn't come in the three column template. I tried and tried to figure out how to make it three columns myself; however, I was unsuccessful. The nice ladies at The Cutest Blog on the Block were extremely quick and so helpful when I finally gave up and purchased theirs. They did it for me in a couple of minutes! I wanted to have more room on the side columns, etc. 
On another note, one of my MOST favorite things in the entire world= fresh flowers. Right now, there are two vases FULL of beautiful flowers in our house. So we had to get some pictures. Notice the two place mats I made for our breakfast table (which we always eat at) with the leftover fabric from Faith's pants. I did mean to say two, because the girls are not allowed to eat on cloth place mats yet. Or sit in cloth covered chairs. Or typically wear clothing while eating...hahaha. I let Faith keep her shirt on for pictures ;).
She loves her hair pretty from Pickle Pie.

Lily is trying to decide if she should smell, eat, pull, or just look at the flowers. Thank you to a very sweet husband and amazing mom/Nana/mother in law for the gorgeous flowers brightening up our home!
Last picture-

This was an order I had for a Vday shirt like Faith's and Kenzie's. I think they are super cute. I am going to do Lily one, but on a light blue shirt (then she can wear it all the time). Now I am off to bed, have to get up early tomorrow and finish preparing for Faith's party!
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