Wednesday, February 3, 2010

3 Adorable Bibs for Addison and a VERY Clean Sewing Room

I had an order for three chenille bibs for a little girl named Addison. I feel like almost all of my baby stuff has been for boys lately, so I was excited! I finished them last night, but decided to wait until today to post them...I say "decided". Actually, this has been my first chance. Lily decided she wasn't much interested in sleep (again) last night, and today is just now coming to a calm point. Lily and I dropped Faith off, went to Hobby Lobby, came home and cleaned, then baked, then went to pick Faith up, then worked out, and then came home and ate dinner. Whoa, did you notice I never said the word nap in that sentence? That's right, no nap today. Let's hope she'll make up for it tonight! She is sitting in my lap as I type and I feel the drowsiness coming on (Yay!). So here are some pictures of Addi's bibs. The cupcake is my favorite, but I love them all. I just drew a bib pattern out myself and then got to work.
I used the Heart Font from Lynnie Pinnie on this one

Then on this one I used Cheri font from 8 Claw and a Paw . I love the way it looks but, wow, it uses a lot of thread. I went through at least two bobbins on this bib!

Last, my favorite, the cute little cupcake that *sigh* I can't remember where I got it, and the Kaileigh font from 8 Claw and a Paw.

Oh and ok, I am so proud of this I have to post a picture of my organized sewing room. The room used to be a storage closet, so it is rather small...and exceptionally hard to keep clean!

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