Sunday, February 28, 2010

Big and Little Sister Shirts

I got these ADORABLE little princess crown applique and hair pretty files from Pickle Pie.
Aren't they just sweet? The crowns come with both a blank crown and one with "Princess" across the crown. I have been wanting to make F and L some new Big and Little Sister shirts for a while, and when I saw these I knew they were perfect! When Lily was first born they each had four or five matching sister shirts (I know I might have liked dressing them like that a *little* too much), but they've outgrown them all now.

I really wish I could figure out some way to make them sit still and take a picture. Oh well, here's what I was able to get! The shirt color (Cherokee Brand from Target) makes Faith's eyes look gorgeous, wow.
Okay well I guess since the past two day's sewing has been completely devoted to my little sweethearts, I'll have to do some orders tomorrow. I'm incredibly happy with these shirts and the little dresses from yesterday! I feel accomplished =)

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