Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentines Day is Almost Here

I'm in charge of Faith's class Valentines Party this year. I was a bit nervous when her teacher called and told me that I was the only parent to sign up for this party (yikes); however, I am having SO much fun getting stuff together for it! We visited Hobby Lobby, for probably the fourth or fifth time last week, and I went a little crazy. I got the kids plastic Valentines cups and let Faith choose what to put in them. I also made these absolutely adorable Monogrammed Hair Pretties from Pickle Pie for all of the little girls in the class to wear at the party.
Can you tell my models weren't home for picture time today? Oh well, Babystyle bear is styling because of it.
Obviously the little boys wouldn't want to be adorned this way, and I'm sure their parents would have mutual feelings. So, I made them little pins for their shirts! 

I just think they are perfect! Faith is so excited about her party. I don't think she goes more than a couple of hours without mentioning it. It thrills me how much she loves school. I can't wait until after Wednesday when I can have an entire Valentines Day Party post! Oh the anticipation.
I also finished my niece's valentines day outfit. It sure came out cute. Of course, like anything else, it will be much more adorable when it is actually on her. I would have had Faith put it on if she were here, but then again, I wouldn't have gotten it finished if she were here *wink*.

I did the top just like a pillowcase dress, but shorter. Then I added the Lynnie Pinnie Heart Font (which I love). The pants are the Easy Fit Pants by Carla C (which I love even more).
Lastly are these two shirts I made for sisters Karley and Chyanne. They live across the street and are little sweethearts. I don't even have a favorite between the two. They both came out great!
Now I'm off to update Bowdenland and clean before the rugrats get home from Superbowl Sunday at the inlaws! Oh, and hopefully be in the chair, with a glass of wine, watching Brothers and Sisters at 9:00pm!

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