Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Teacher's Gifts are Finished

gI did all of Faith's teacher's gifts today! She has two teachers for extended care in the morning, two for preschool in the afternoon, and I always do something for the Director and Assistant Director too. I absolutely love her school. I have such great relationships with her teachers and the director. It's awesome knowing your child is being taken care of by loving people. This past Christmas was the first year I have ever been able to make presents for Faith's teachers before. I always put a lot of thought into their gifts, and Faith always had a part in picking them something out. This year, it has really been neat to actually make each one something personal. Faith picked out the fabrics for every single glasses case that I made for them. She came into my sewing room, picked a fabric, and told me exactly who it was for. I only had to talk her out of one once (and that's because it was leftover sparkly snowman). So anyway, here are the finished products! I can't wait for Faith to give them to everyone tomorrow! We also made Apple Banana Bread from the most amazing recipe ever. I saw it on my cousin's page (which if you haven't checked out- Go!, she is my sewing idol), and after reading the recipe couldn't wait to try it! We've now made it twice, and the pan has lasted less than two days! Wow! We are putting a slice into these little bags with cute curly string ties. Okay, really now here are the pictures-
These are an In the Hoop from Pickle Pie that I just adore. They really make adorable gifts! Here are a few up close-

So, I'm sure you've noticed my blog has a new look. I really miss my old background, a lot, but it doesn't come in the three column template. I tried and tried to figure out how to make it three columns myself; however, I was unsuccessful. The nice ladies at The Cutest Blog on the Block were extremely quick and so helpful when I finally gave up and purchased theirs. They did it for me in a couple of minutes! I wanted to have more room on the side columns, etc. 
On another note, one of my MOST favorite things in the entire world= fresh flowers. Right now, there are two vases FULL of beautiful flowers in our house. So we had to get some pictures. Notice the two place mats I made for our breakfast table (which we always eat at) with the leftover fabric from Faith's pants. I did mean to say two, because the girls are not allowed to eat on cloth place mats yet. Or sit in cloth covered chairs. Or typically wear clothing while eating...hahaha. I let Faith keep her shirt on for pictures ;).
She loves her hair pretty from Pickle Pie.

Lily is trying to decide if she should smell, eat, pull, or just look at the flowers. Thank you to a very sweet husband and amazing mom/Nana/mother in law for the gorgeous flowers brightening up our home!
Last picture-

This was an order I had for a Vday shirt like Faith's and Kenzie's. I think they are super cute. I am going to do Lily one, but on a light blue shirt (then she can wear it all the time). Now I am off to bed, have to get up early tomorrow and finish preparing for Faith's party!

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  1. I stumbled upon your blog today and I'm SO impressed with your projects! Your children are adorable, your blog is a lot of fun, and you have a knack for picking out great fabrics!!! I LOVE the fabric you used for the eyeglass cases and camera cases!

    -Lisa from Pickle Pie Designs


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