Saturday, February 6, 2010

We Love Owls

I've discovered in the past few months of sewing/embroidering that I definitely favor owls over a lot of the other cute little animal appliques. Lily already has an owl shirt, then I made Faith that little skirt set with Annie owl, and yesterday we added another item of owl clothing! I wanted to make Faith a short sleeved shirt to go with the pants I made her last week. You know, the pants with the super cute fabric I got at JoAnn's. Anyway, we decided on an owl. The other shirt that matches these pants has a cute little peacock. I'm not sure which is my favorite, but I know that I really love this little owl shirt. My poor little Faith was a bit under the weather with an ear infection. She was acting 100% well this morning! I wish I could upload videos to my blog because I taped the most HILARIOUS video of she and Lily dancing in the living room this morning.
Aren't the colors great? She has on the pants too, but was resting in mommy and daddy's bed (because it apparently is much more helpful when sick than her own) with the covers pulled up. I had an order for this cute little camera case this week too. I love the fabrics and colors she picked.
The camera case is an in the hoop from Pickle Pie Designs. Adorable, right?
Then I also had an order for this glasses case. I've had this fabric and really haven't had anything to make with it. So, I was happy to use it when these were the requested colors!

Now I'm done blogging for the day, and we are off to spend this amazingly beautiful day at the park! I should be able to finish my niece's V-day outfit tomorrow and have some pictures of it, it's PRECIOUS! But for now...everyone enjoy this awesome day!


  1. That owl shirt is soooo cute. Love the other stuff, too.

    Hope Faith feels better soon! Lucy is sick, too. ugh.

  2. You can totally upload videos!

  3. So cute! Love your blog-Im a new follower! Also, I host giveaways so if you ever want to get your business name out to more people I would love to help!


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