Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day Pics and a Burlap Wreath

The husband and I are celebrating Valentines Day next weekend (due to babysitting, etc), so this weekend the girls and I made a trip to Austin. I snapped some pictures of the girls outside before church today. They looked adorable!

They are so gorgeous. I think we got more compliments today on their outfits at church, Chuys, and Costco than ever before *smile*. I was proud. I can't believe Lily actually kept her headband on too!
Usually when we come up here I pack my entire sewing room and tote it along. I can actually finish something start to finish here with the help of Nana and Granny. I get more accomplished in a day than in a week at my house! However, this time I decided I would take a break from it. I needed to finish two sets of letters, and I wanted to try this non-sewing wreath project that I found on Tatertots and Jello. Most importantly, just spend some good quality time with my family =). Anyway, this mommy is amazing. I can't wait to try so many more of her crafts. This Burlap Wreath Tutorial is just great! Here is my version, that I just LOVE. Tuesday it will be hanging on my door at home!

I had a lot of fun with this! I'm about to go get started on finishing Miss Chloe's letters. I do miss my machines though! It has been kind of weird not sewing/embroidering the past couple of days!

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  1. Oh! The girls look beautiful and so does your wreath.


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