Friday, February 19, 2010

Nursery Letters

So these little twins- Camryn and Chloe, have had their letters in progress for a LONG time. We couldn't find an "O" that matched the wooden letters they had for a good while, and then I was busy with the holidays. The good news is, they are finally finished!! Their room is done in pink and green, and I found the most adorable papers in those colors. I didn't put ribbons on these letters to hang them because I figured they would take up so much space in their room to begin with since there are two. I had trouble getting my camera on the right setting to show the colors right, can you tell? I couldn't think of anywhere I could take them outside and put them without messing them up!
Now for McKenzie's letters. Pink and green seems to be the theme right now, but they are good colors. I'm anxious to do some letters in different colors than these now though. I can't wait til one of my best friends finds out what she is having for sure so I can get to work! Here are McKenzie's letters-
The girls and I all three have colds, yuck. I also have a lot of sewing to do, and it's supposed to rain all day. Looks like we will break our TV rules today and let Faith watch movies while I try to catch up. Lily likes to sit on the stool in my room and watch me, and hopefully she'll nap ;).


  1. Those look really good. You did an excellent job on them! Did you trace and cut the paper or glue and then cut them? I am wanting to try this sometime, but don't have a clue how to do it!

  2. Hi Sean! Thank you so much! Ok so I trace them onto the cardstock and then cut them out. Then I paint the edges of the wooden letters. Then I use modge podge to put the cardstock onto the wooden letters and cover the cardstock with the modge podge too! Then hot glue the ribbons on at the end. It is pretty time consuming, but they are so adorable! Thank you for stopping by my blog!!


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