Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gifts for Baby Gavin and Something for ME =)

Today the girls and I went and had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory with Stevi and her sweet little baby Gavin. He is finally healthy and home from the hospital, and I was able to give him his presents I've had to keep secret. I made him this minky and satin blanket. It is SO soft I would like one for myself...haha, I will most likely never have time for that. Anyway, here it is-
I also made him a little "G" onesie and a Valentines Day one. These little V-day ones are so adorable, I have two made for Wyatt and Walker. They look exactly the same, but I'll still put a picture later. They are the two most precious little boy twins EVER. 

Now for my favorite-
I finally broke down and bought some chenille. It is quite a bit more expensive than terry cloth (almost double!), but I really think it is worth it. Especially now that I have personally tried it. It make the bibs look SO much nicer. I have an order for three more for a little girl named Addison that I can't wait to get done. These bibs are customized to your preference and are 10.00 each. Get a set of two for 16.00!
I have quite a few things in my sewing room that are *almost* finished, so I will aim towards another blog tomorrow (go me, I think that's a record).
I had an order for this "L" wine bag from a really old friend that I haven't even spoken with in at least five years. These bags really make great gifts. Just think, you could get a bottle of wine and any adorable custom wine bag for under 30.00. I think personalized gifts are so much more meaningful than the typical things we buy.

Oh and take a look at this camera case I made for myself. The design is from Pickle Pie Designs. Isn't it great? Get one today for 13.00. You pick the fabric/colors/and button! This case could also hold a cell phone, just not the iPhone (it is a bit to tall).
I think this is the very first thing I have ever made myself with my machine! I have only had a sewing/embroidery machine for ~4 months. So, I was really excited to make something for me! Oh, and one more thing-
Isn't this satin flower clip pretty? I made it for Faith the other day after seeing all of Jessica's on Mia Joie. I love the way they look. They are definitely a much different style than the bows the girls normally wear, but I really like this style too. I will sell these lovely flower clippies for 5.00 each. Buy five or more and they are 4.00!  It's funny that sometimes I'll dress them in boutique style clothing and others I'm really more fond of the vintage/earthy clothing styles. I love it all!


  1. Everything looks really good. Doesn't it feel good to make something for yourself every now and then! Good for you.


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