Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Outfits for my Lovely Ladies and Another Banner

So, I have some really great new things to post today! My little Faith requested a very specific outfit from me last week, and hooray for getting it completed so soon! She wanted a pair of ruffle pants, made from the material that Nana's glasses case was made from, and a long sleeved shirt with a peacock. Miss Particular, we shall call her, ha! Well I got to work, and am so satisfied! More importantly, Faith couldn't be happier. She hasn't wanted to take this off since I finished it. Here are a couple of cute pictures of her in it. We spent the day at the Children's Museum yesterday, and she and Lily both wore their new outfits *smile*. I was proud, and the compliments made me feel great.
 I love that fabric. I want to make so many different things with it! It came from JoAnne's (the one in Austin), and I commissioned my Grandma to get some more for me because of how pretty it was! The green shirt is from Old Navy and the peacock applique is from Bunnycup Embroidery. I purchased it forever ago and had just been waiting on finding something to put her on! The pants pattern is Carla C Easy Fit Pants, they are awesome! I added the ruffle to make them a little more girly.  
Then I made Lily this outfit.

Notice how I absolutely cannot get a straight forward picture of her. She is NEVER still, really never. I'm not exaggerating. I got this pink shirt and Target and the file is the flower font Linnie Pinnie. This is the same pant pattern, but just added a trim no ruffle. I think the wide leg makes it so cute! Lily is so skinny it was hard to get a pattern to fit. Isn't it adorable? Now for pictures of them both. The second one is hilarious. Lily is totally cheesing, to the extreme, hahaha. 

 I love them. 
I also made this outfit for Faith almost a month ago, but kept forgetting to take pictures. I think it came out pretty cute. 

I didn't make the scarf, but doesn't it coordinate perfectly? The elephant is from Lynnie Pinnie and the green shirt is Target. I got that fabric at JoAnne's in Austin. I love the JoAnne's in Austin. It is SO much better than the ones down here. Moving on-
Here is a shirt I did for Faith this week. It was super quick and easy, but came out adorably. She got a ton of comments when she wore it the other day.

I think the purple shirt looks so pretty with her eyes! That is the Vintage font from Lynnie Pinnie (has almost every applique in this post been from her?) and the Curlz from 8 Claw and a Paw. I got the purple shirt at...guess...Target! 
My mom is hosting a baby shower at her house in Austin, and when I heard, the first thing that came to my mind was the Party Banner I was talking about last post! I raved on and on previously, so I suppose that isn't necessary this time. They really are awesome though. The couple don't have a definitive name, so they suggested putting "Precious" on the banner. I did all chocolate brown, pink, and green. Three of my most favorite colors! It came out wonderfully. I really think doing one of these with a name would be such an adorable shower present/decoration! How cute would it look in a nursery?

Now for the last picture today! My sister in law asked me to make a shirt for my niece with a pony in these colors. The pony is from Designs by JuJu. I think it is a sweet little pony. I'll probably do one for Faith in pinks and lime green. Cute, cute. 

Now the girls and I are off to have lunch with some girlfriends of mine that we haven't seen in a while! Yay for girl time =). I have some orders to work on this week, about four or so, and also have to finish Chloe's letters to go with Camryn's. Whoa, those have taken forever! 

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