Sunday, January 24, 2010

Can you believe it?

I am already doing another blog...a little less than twenty-four hours after my last. I know, it's amazing. The truth is, I absolutely could NOT wait to show you these pictures of this Valentines decoration I made for our house. My cousin Nicole made one ,and immediately after seeing her pictures I knew I had to have one. I got this file from Embroitique. They have some really cutsie files! I am going to get the party banner, which is similar to this, and make it for a baby shower later on this week. This really is such an awesome idea! For any holiday, of course it would make an adorable addition to any home, but for a birthday party or! Every year we buy all the cheesy, throw away birthday gear for our big party. The plastic "Happy Birthday" banner that is tossed in the trash before the end of the day. This banner will last through years of parties! Just think- you could put your child's name on the banner and the number of years he/she is turning that year on the ends, and then every year you can just replace the two numbers! Jazz up your party with a more sophisticated look and go a little green! There are endless possibilities with this as well. I could make the banner with any color combination and pattern. I really really think this is an incredible idea. I can't wait to make more. Enough chat about the banner, let's have a look!
No, it isn't permanently hanging on Lily's dresser. I did think it made a nice background for the picture. The individual pieces of this banner were made in the hoop of my new machine. I am having SO much fun with that machine. I used all sorts of different fabrics that I had on hand to create this, and I think they mixed well. I also think it looks extremely chic with more light/pastel pinks. Look at Nicole's- here. I think it is super adorable as well. The only thing I would change about mine would be the straight edges. Unfortunately being a newbie means not having an endless supply of equipment! Some pinking sheers are in my future.

Next up, I finished the baby shower bundle that I did for my friend Andrea this morning. The colors all came together so wonderfully. The only two additions that weren't in the previous post are the bib and wipes case. I did the bib without a pattern, and am very happy with it. I used a thick terry cloth on one side and the mod striped fabric on the other. This makes the bib appealing AND functional. The wipes case was done in the hoop and came from The Purple Hat. I wish that it was bigger, however, it is perfect for the antibacterial wipes that almost all moms seem to be carrying around these days. In fact, it worked out well because Andrea had bought a package of pacifier wipes for the basket! This was my first big set of coordinating baby items. I am very proud =). If you are interested in a custom package, email me for ideas and pricing!

I also finished up this lovely Valentines outfit order for a little girl names McKenzie. She goes by Kenzie for short. Isn't this sweet? Of course it is always so much cuter on, but I don't have any 3T sized children in my house.

Then I did a glasses case for my sister in law. For some reason the first one stitched out a little short, and I wasn't very happy with the color combination so I redid it. Here are pictures of both. The second one is the keeper!

Here are a few bows I was asked to make last minute for the little UPWARDS cheerleaders across the street. I'm glad I did, because now I have a ton of orders for them from their game Saturday!

And last, but certainly not least, is my little Miss Priss trying on her outfit when she came home today. She was so excited *smile*.


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  1. Wow Terri! Everything looks soooooo good.
    I'm so proud of you!


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