Friday, January 8, 2010

And the computer is fixed!

Woohoo! Our computer got a really awful virus shortly after Christmas. So therefore, no new pictures or blogging. I wanted to put pictures up of two other really adorable wine bags that I made for two of my friends for Christmas. My sister in law also sent me pictures of my niece in her Rainbow Tutu Set. She looks precious! I made Faith a new outfit too, but I want to finish Lily's coordinating one  before I post pictures of it! Hopefully tomorrow. I have so many really cute ideas for Valentine's Day! I can't wait to go to Austin next week and get them all done. I will try to have them posted by next weekend and begin taking orders then! In the  mean time, I have lots to do. Here are the pictures!

Isn't Diana adorable? She is growing up so fast. The leopard and rainbow "D" on her shirt is from the Heart Font off of It is one of my favorites! Wine bags would make an adorable gift! Order one from me today for $20.00. You can pick the color scheme and personalize with a letter.

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