Saturday, January 23, 2010

My very FIRST Blog Award and some cute baby items.

So my cousin Nicole awarded me with this Sunshine award! It is my first award to receive, and I am so excited! Anyway, the along with accepting the award comes a set of rules. Here they are:

1. Put the logo on your blog.2.
2. Pass the award on to 10 bloggers- but I'm doing 5 because I don't read that many blogs....
3. Link the nominees within your post.
4. Let the nominees know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5.Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

Since I am new to the blogging world (November 09), I really haven't developed a huge list of blogs that I follow just yet. However, it just so happens that there are exactly five blogs that I try keep up to date with.

First, there is my cousin Nicole's blog. I began sewing/embroidering in October when I got my first machine for my birthday. If it wasn't for Nicole, I would be lost. Although we don't even live in the same state, she has helped me IMMENSELY by answering my numerous emails/messages filled with question after question. I really wouldn't have had a clue where to begin without her. So, everyone reading this should really check out her blog. If you are at all interested in my projects, you will love everything she creates. She also has three of the most adorable children ever. They love modeling her products, especially the girls. So cute. Also here is her Etsy shop, take a look!

Second is a very good friend of mine, Jeni's blog. She is an AMAZING photographer. Any of my girl's recent professional pictures have been done by her. She really is great! If you haven't checked out her blog you should. And, if you need pictures anytime soon, you should try her! She has two adorable little girls as well, and manages to juggle staying home with them and having a very impressive career at the same time. Go Jeni!

Third is a blog called Birth, Babies, and Life in General. This is a blog for a place called Reunion Birth Center. Something I am extremely passionate about is Midwifery and natural child birth. I think that every woman should explore their options before going with what has turned into the "norm" today. I met Polly at my friend Jeni's house a couple of weeks ago while watching the Business of Being Born (also a MUST see). I was extremely impressed with her knowledge and open minded attitude. Take a look at their blog if you get a chance!

Fourth is one of my very good friends from high school, Paige. She is a stay at home mom to an adorable little boy, and will be having her second son anytime in the next few weeks! I am so glad we have gotten back in touch over the past few months. I really enjoy being updated by looking at her blog.

This last blog is really great! My husband and I took a class at church on "Couplehood as a Spiritual Path", and Jessica and her husband were in the class with us. I didn't really get to know her very well during the class, or what she did for a living. After the class was over, I stumbled upon her blog on an advertisement for a market at our church. WOW, this is one very clever and creative woman! She has her own line of organic/eco-friendly baby and toddler shoes. They really are the most adorable shoes I have ever seen. If you purchase from Stride Rite (we are regulars), then you will most definitely find her shoes affordable. However, if you want a pair, you have to be very quick! Her shoes sell out almost within minutes of being posted to her blog. On top of adorable shoes, she is also a great writer. So, take a look!

Okay, now for some pictures. I have been busy this week! Woohoo! Here are some baby shower items that are part of a gift set I am going to finish in the morning. I will have a picture tomorrow of the finished product. I love the colors and how everything is turning out so far!
This is the little lovie/security blanket I made him. The applique is the vintage font from Lynnie Pinnie and Kaileigh font from 8 Claw and a Paw.
I love the way this burp cloth set came out. I think the colors are wonderful. The polka dot framed S is from LynniePinnie. All the fabrics are from Wal Mart. I rarely find fabric there that I really like, but this was one of the bundles with five different fabrics. I love them all!

Aren't these onesies cute? I love the little tie! I particularly love the fact that it is two seperate pieces. It makes the striped fabric look much more like an actual tie! It is from GG embroidery desings. The S is the spunky font from Lynnie Pinnie.
Tomorrow morning I have to run to the store and pick up a zipper for the wipee case I need to finish. I also have to grab a bib and then the baby shower package will be complete! Stay tuned tomorrow for a picture.

Here is one last thing I just have to share before bed. I made this skirt a few months ago for Faith. I decided to add another bit of brown trim and make a more "springish" top to go with it. This is Annie Owl from Pickle Pie. Isn't she cute? I added the bow after. She also has a hair pretty (the center of Faith's bow). I love it! That is the first hair pretty I have made. Can't wait to do more!

Good night!


  1. Teri,

    Thanks so much for your sweet notes about my blog. I apologize for being so hard to get in touch with. Of course I remember you from the imago class. Between my children and my business, well.... those two alone make life barely manageable for me. I generally feign busy-ness b/c it limits our ability to hear God. Nonetheless, I feel like God opened the door w/Mia Joie and I'm walking through it. Your blog and products are really sweet! Hope you are well!

    mia joie


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