Friday, February 26, 2010

Princess Madelyn

My friends daughter, Madelyn Grace, is turning one this weekend! She is having a princess party, and I had the pleasure of making her a special little shirt and birthday banner. I can't wait to see her in the shirt! I just bought this Shabby Sweet Ruched Princess Crown from Embroitique last week. The shirt is adorable. I did have to do the file twice, but once I did it the second time and made a couple of changes, it came out perfect. The PDF directions that come with the file say to cut ten inch long strips for the ruffles, and when I did this they were WAY too long. The ruffles were so thick that I broke three needles and had a mini freak out before quitting! However, I went and bought another shirt, and this time cut strips ~5 inches long. This worked wonderfully, and the shirt came out exactly like the picture!
On to her banner, which will look precious in her room after decorating her birthday party. Didn't I tell you that pinks and greens were a trend right now? Oh yes, they are. I am doing a cute little birthday outfit for baby Cambrie in the next couple of weeks that will be pink and turquoise- I'm excited! I have been doing SO many pink and green things lately! The colors just look great together. This banner is the Perfectly Posh Pennant Banner from Embroitique. Remember my adorable Valentines day one here? I LOVE these banners. The party one does take a LOT of thread ( I replaced the bobbin ~every 1.5 pennants), but it is so worth it. The embroidering is beautiful. I can't wait to make out Easter one! 

Of course I had to make Faith a little something yesterday. I got some cute polka dot knit at Hobby Lobby when I ran in for felt ( I can't ever skip the fabric dept). Lily's will be done today. I forgot to post a pic of Lily in her last little t-shirt and knit dress like I made for Faith. I do honestly make her stuff quite a bit too, just somehow forget to take pictures as much. Maybe it's because she is almost impossible to photograph? Anyway, here is Faith in her dress. We went to the park yesterday after gymnastics for our weekly picnic, and she played in it with her friends.
Aren't they sweet? Of course they are four year old girls (which in itself is DRAMA), so moments after this picture one was crying, because the others weren't her friend anymore or something of that's only the beginning. They are precious though, and I love watching them play =).

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