Monday, October 11, 2010

The Girls' Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

We had a WONDERFUL weekend. Everything about it was absolutely perfect. We were on time, had everything we needed, and all of our favorite people made a point to come to Faith and Lily's celebration. What more could anyone ask for? Here are a bunch of pictures from their birthday party!
This was Faith opening some presents. (I know she doesn't look super excited, but she was. This was the end of party around 6:00pm, and Faith started jumping outside that morning around 10:00am...she was exhausted!)
 Then there was cake. I found all of these adorable pictures online like these and these. Unfortunately, the stickers that said Thing 1 and Thing 2 wouldn't stick, and the cotton candy dissolved within minutes...but it was worth a try =).
 Here is my dad aka PeePah.
 Here is Thing 2 about to open presents.
 We got this delicious rainbow popcorn from a little place we would go to when we lived in Austin, it's so yummy!
 This was all the food. We had green deviled eggs, little bird nests, fruit salad, candy apples, chips and dip, jello fish, and some Chick fil a of course.
 I found these adorable little bags at Target in the dollar sections, they were perfect! There were four different stories on them, and all of the kids loved them. Instead of filling them with a ton of little toys and candy, we bought each child a Dr. Seuss beginner book for their thank you favor.
 The Cat in the Hat
 I decorated with boas (whoops on the light that is out).
 And pom pom balls, which are the easiest, fastest, cheapest decoration you can do for a party.
 Yummy candy apples.
 Those are the little birds nests. We made them from a recipe we have in a Sesame Street cook book. The nests are made from coconut flakes that are baked in muffin tins to brown them. You dab a little bit of yogurt after they are finished baking and add some peanut butter M&Ms, delicious-ness =)

Green Deviled Eggs

 More boas for decorating.
 This banner that I absolutely LOVE! I should though, it took for ev er to make. I mean like really and truly, at least 30-45 minutes per square. In the end it was totally worth it and adorable.
 The file can be found at Embroitique
 Lily with her sweet little baby.
 Faith with a mouth full of marshmallows.
 Our cupcakes, dissolving as the picture was taking.
 A flower arrangement that I made, all of the things were from Hobby Lobby. The red and white beaded sticks and lollipops were from the Christmas section, but they look so Suess-y to me!
 More food
 Here with the Jello Jiggler fish.
 Here is Zach and one of his best friends Colby.
 Here is Grandma helping get things ready.

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  1. What a Seusstastic Birthday Party! You had so many fun details to make it amazing. The treats, the decor, the favor bags & books. I love it. I'm adding a link to this post on my site where I collect Dr. Seuss party links.


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