Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Funday with the Bowdens

The past few days have been absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Honestly, beautiful is an understatement. We have been outdoors as much as physically possible, and the girls and I are truly enjoying it after this HOT summer. Today we had so much fun! Started off our morning by sipping coffee and chocolate milk outside and running around the culdesac. Then Peepaw brought us over birthday breakfast pancakes and omelets *yum*. My birthday was yesterday, and Faith and Lily's are Wednesday and Friday! If that doesn't sound like a lot, I should meantion that today is my Granny's Birthday! All of us girls, in ONE week, whew. Anyway...we've had a lot of fun this weekend! We celebrated Granny's birthday with her a couple of days early, then celebrated mine yesterday with a homemade cake and wonderful dinner out with friends (there were more kids there than adults!), and today we painted and made these delicious Mini Apple Pies (seriously, SO good). Here are a few pictures from our lovely weekend.

Please try not to laugh at our (Faith and I) sad attempt to make a "Cutsie" cake. I was really hoping that making cakes would come as naturally to me as sewing (kind of) has. I've officially been sewing and embroidering for ONE whole year now! Can you believe it? I got my first machine for my birthday last year, and that was the first time I had ever touched a needle and thread!

Here are my two little helpers. I think Lily ate at least half of the package of fondant (yuck, I know, I caught her after or while it was being swallowed every single time!)

 Our finished project

 I know, it's pretty funny. Yes, that is some sort of Birthday Hat looking thing on the was the best we could d :).

Here are my two little artists. The first two pictures are at the very beginning of our fun.

 I guess they got a little carried away. It washes off really easily though, so I don't mind much. However, Lily looked almost as creepy as the Joker on the newest Batman movie, geez.

Here are a couple more from our mornings outside.

 Good night!

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  1. Wow! What a fun day. Great job on the cake. Lily looks adorable, as always!


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