Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Introducing to you...Thing 1 and Thing 2!

Oh I am SO excited about this post! The girls outfits were finished in time *whew*, and they both came out just the way I wanted them to! I wanted them to have something super cute AND comfortable for their party this year (no tutus). Since their Party is Dr. Seuss themed, I ordered them these two hand painted Thing 1 and 2 t-shirts off of Etsy. Now normally I would link to the seller, but I did not have a good experience with her at all (the shirts were way late AND Faith's was completely off center); however, I didn't have time to try and get a new one from her so I cut them both up and turned them into something even cuter. I used the Sienna Pattern from Lil Blue Boo that I absolutely love for Faith's dress and Lily's top. To do Lily's I just didn't include the bottom portion of the dress. Then she had those cute little striped leggings from a Carter's outfit and I added the ruffles. I can't believe that is just a little over a week they will be TWO and FIVE *tear*, goodness. My friend Jeni from Jeni Hendricks Photography did their pictures. She is amazing, I've always loved all of her work. I know that I will probably say this next time, but these are my new favorite pictures of them.

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  1. Precious!!! I love the pictures, too.... especially that last one of Faith.


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