Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cupcake Fun

These two little shirts are definitely my favorite project from this summer. Now anyone that knows our little family knows that we are, for a the most part, fairly healthy eaters. I'll admit that my husband is the driving force, however, a few years of little changes have turned into healthy habits and I'm proud of the way that we try to eat. I would say that the most important thing to us is our grocery shopping. Of course when out at a restaurant  there are fewer options, and that is really where we splurge on our favorites. With that being said, when we are buying food for our home, we try our hardest to avoid lots of junk and bring home a lot of produce and hearty grains. Anytime people come to visit they always joke about how we only have whole wheat (bread, tortillas, flour, pancake mix, etc.), and there are never any sodas. Those are just a few examples. Why did I start of this post talking about shirts and ramble into our family dietary standards you ask? Well, because the girls and my MOST favorite splurge is delicious cupcake. We have a place here in Houston called Sprinkles Cupcakes, and we love their cupcakes. We all have favorites- Mine- Coconut, Faith- Red Velvet, Lily- Vanilla Milk Chocolate, and Zach- Pumpkin. Faith decided that since going to get a cupcake there is a special little date we try to have once a month or so, she and Lily probably needed shirts to do so. Of course I couldn't deny my little sweetheart a new shirt, so I got to work.

Here is what I came up with. Sprinkles is also having a Fan Photo Contest so I entered their pictures into it. I've never entered them into any contest before. I'm just not a "Vote for my baby as the prettiest" type of person. However, you win a $500.00 gift card to Sprinkles if you win, and I couldn't pass it up. Plus there is no voting, so wish us luck =)!
I should mention that the reason those two pictures look totally different is that my friend Jeni edited the one on the left for me to submit. I made the shirt from a little Garanimal tank at Walmart (I think they are like $3) and then I merged the "i <3 cupcake" in EMBIRD" and just added a little knit ruffle at the neck. I love her shirt!! I made the cupcake headband by gluing some ribbon around one of the millions of headbands at my house, and then added an adorable Cupcake Hair Pretty from Pickle Pie Designs. Her hair pretties are awesome!

I made Lily a little headband too. She still doesn't have too much hair, we can get it into two teeny little pig tails now though, with some effort. She asks for them all the time. It's so funny how proud a little girl can be of her "Pea Tails". Here are a couple of other pictures from Sprinkles.
Hope that everyone had a great weekend, and now I have to go finish laundry!

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