Wednesday, September 15, 2010

McKenzie turns 3

This little birthday shirt I made for a sweet friend's daughter was inspired by the one I made for Faith to wear when we go to Sprinkles. I added the little ruffle on the neck again. Don't you think that ruffles make all the difference? Of course I try not to go overboard with them, but sometimes I just can't resist. The font for "Kenzie" is Itty Bitty from 8 Claws and a Paw. When I went to look it up for the link I noticed that there is an Itty Bitty Baptist/Lutheran/Catholic/Methodist to choose from...weird I know. I'm not sure what religion my font was, but they are all pretty similar, ha! Here is my favorite picture of Kenzie from her party reading a new book.
She is too precious. I also thought I would share a couple of pictures of us from the summer. I'll have to spread them out over the next 10 posts at least...but here are a few!!

My sweet girls and I at the beach.
Here is another one of us when we got to our hotel. Lily loved the goggles that they gave her at Moody Gardens, can you tell?
Here we are at the aquarium.

This is probably my most favorite picture of Lily loving on Daddy.
Here is a sweet one of Faith and Daddy, they are so silly.
I think this picture is hilarious of Faith sleeping in Lily's shoulder. Don't worry, right after she fell asleep we put a stuffed animal behind her neck.
Okay, I guess that's enough. Everyone have a great day!

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