Saturday, September 11, 2010

Back to School AND Blogging!

Oh my I have been gone for quite a while...I think my last post was in May? Goodness, but anyway, my girls started back to school (yes, i said girl*S*, Lily started MDO this year, yay!), and now I have some free time to blog, and more importantly...SEW! I have made some things here and there this summer, mainly to people I had promised earlier in the year. I just never really had the time to put pictures on here or write about them. So I guess over the next week I can play catch up with some different projects from the summer, and then get on to fun things like Halloween and Birthday parties that are coming up next week! Faith, Lily, Granny, and I all have birthdays the first week of October, whew! I can't wait for the girls party though, we are having a Dr. Seuss themed party this year, and I've been listing ideas for food and decorations in my head for a couple of months now! We LOVE Dr. Seuss, and this is going to be a such a fun party!

We had an amazing summer, spent a lot of time at the beach and in Austin, and really enjoyed ourselves. It is really nice to be back in a routine, though. And both girls are really enjoying school so far this year. The pre-school they go to doesn't allow backpacks, and they give all of the kids these canvas totes to carry their belongings in. However, you can decorate them anyway you want, and Faith was extremely excited to pick out fabrics for hers this year! She loves bright, contrasting colors (as you can see), and I think her bag came out perfect. She even picked out this apple applique which I think is adorable as well.
And here is Lily's bag! I got the turtle applique SO long ago, and I honestly don't remember where it's from. This is the first time I've used it though, and it stitched out very nicely.

I'm off to sew some more Halloween things, but will hopefully be back tomorrow. Zach and the girls are spending the day out of the house so I can get some things done, so I have to go take advantage of it! Have a great Saturday everybody.

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