Tuesday, September 14, 2010

1st Birthday Outfit for Addison

My house is so quiet right now! I'm still really getting used to Lily being gone two days a week as well, and as much as I miss them both, I really do enjoy being able to have my house clean and some sewing/reading/blogging/yoga-ing time to myself. This summer I took a Yoga class at the college and truly fell in love with it. It has really worked wonders for my body, and I honestly would have never thought Yoga would be what would work for me! I was diligently exercising this past Spring and just couldn't get the results I was working towards. However, this summer all I did was Yoga, in every style and wah-lah! Of course I'm still not exactly where I want to be, but I have lost ~15lb and I know some inches thanks to my practice. So anyway, if you haven't tried it, you should!

My friend Courtney's daughter turned one this summer and had an "Oh so sweet ladybug" themed birthday party. When she asked me about doing an outfit I immediately thought of these precious Ladybug Hair Pretties by Pickle Pie. If I can find one to match something I am making I almost always do now, they add the sweetest touch to a little bow! The "1" applique is from the Spunky font over at Lynnie Pinnie. The font that Addison is embroidered with is called Andrea from 8 Claws and a Paw. I think the outfit came out adorable, and was worn but SUCH a cute baby =).
I added the little antennas per Mommy's request, and they were so cute at first! They didn't stay up really well though, or should I say one of them didn't stay up really well...it kind of ended up looking like a ladybug with a horn? Still sweet though! I'm off to finish sewing some things for one of my good friends having a baby girl in the next couple of months. Zach is picking up the little ladies from school so that I can complete the little set of onesies I'm making her.

Oh, and just because I have been showing these two dresses to everyone I know, my cousin Nicole made the most beautiful dresses for her two daughters a little while ago, and I think that everyone should take a look at them! I think I want to make some of the same patterns for Faith and Lily with Christmas fabrics!


  1. Oh Thanks Terri!

    I love that little first birthday outfit! How cute. The antennas are adorable.

  2. The 1st Birthday outfit is beautiful!!
    I am trying to adjust to my son being gone 5 days a week at kindergarten. I miss him, but in time I will appreciate the quiet time. :) Sounds like you are making the best of your time alone. :)


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