Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Halloween, We Love You So

I think Halloween is such a fun holiday. Who doesn't like dressing up? My husband would probably laugh if he came home to find me in a Snow White gown and plastic heels like Faith and Lily; however, Halloween is a day that even Mommy can get away with dress up! That actually isn't my favorite aspect of Halloween. I just really adore all of the cute little decorations...the ghosts, pumpkins, witches, and skeletons. Every time we go into Target Faith and I spend a good 10-15 minutes in the Halloween decor section. It is just so tempting! But alas, we don't typically have the money for tons of Halloween decorations. Thank goodness I can sew now ;). I need some ideas for cute Halloween decorations I can do with my sewing or embroidery machine, any would be greatly appreciated!

To kick start Halloween, I've been working on cute little shirts and bows. Here are pictures of my sweet girls wearing theirs, and one my best friends daughters wearing theirs as well.

This cute little Spider applique and hair pretty are from Pickle Pie. Faith picked our everything for her set.
Lily's is the Mrs. Ghost applique that I got here. The ghost doesn't have that little ear looking thing, but I think it came out cute anyway. That was the only black shirt that I could find for her!
When we went to bring Kailee and Camryn their shirts, little Camryn was napping, so Faith pretended to be Camryn and model her onesie. These little girls are three weeks apart, and have been playing since they came home from the hospital almost five years ago!
Then Camryn woke up, and Andrea sent me a picture of her modeling her shirt. How precious is she?
Here are some of the bows I made!
That is all for now! I have to get some things done while both of my little sweethearts are at school!

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  1. I LOVE Halloween, too!
    I love all of your outfits and bows! Soooo cute Terry. I especially love the lime green little spider! So sassy!


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