Sunday, December 20, 2009

Busy busy, but here are some new pictures!

We're in Austin this weekend. I have been able to get SO much more done than usual! My mom and grandma are such an enormous help. So anyway, I basically have not one thing fully completed. I do have a lot of pictures of "almost" finished projects! I feel accomplished. I still have so much more to do before Tuesday though! My niece wanted a rainbow tutu outfit for her Christmas present. I decided to add a little leopard and think its adorable. The heart font on the shirt is from Lynniepinnie. I am still going to put a leopard bow on her tutu and then make a combination of leopard and the colors for her hair bow. I know it is a little wild. But I love it! I think she will too. If you are interested in this set it is $50.00. This includes a tutu, bow, and shirt. I know that it is more than I usually charge for a set, but there are so many colors that it costs more to make it.Then I got two out of the four bags I need to get done made. They are really cute. I used the vintage font on both of the bags from They are both for little boys. I guess you could tell that without me letting you know, but I'm a little tired and not all there...haha. The bags are $22.00 as usual, with a name. I can do whatever colors/theme you like. The "S" shirt is going to go with a pink and green tutu and bow. That set is $40.00 with a two colored tutu. One of my friends ordered it from me for a friend's daughter. I love the flower. It is from Lynniepinnie. I hadn't used it yet and now I can't wait to make one for Faith and Lily! Last but now least are the Christmas towels I made for my Granny. She was so happy with them. The hohoho file was from Lynniepinnie and the Gingergirl from I don't really see a reason to put a button on for the towels...Christmas is in four days. I couldn't make anymore in time if anyone wanted them. But for next year, they are 10.00 each! Or two for $18.00. Everything purchased on my blog has a $2.00 charge added in for paypal.


Hopefully I will have a few more pictures tomorrow! I should also have the completed outfits that go with this blog! Now off to go eat lunch and sew some more. Oh, and I have to finish addressing out Christmas cards...yes I know, very late this year. 

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