Tuesday, December 1, 2009

One Week Later!

Wow, this past week has been so busy! We had Thanksgiving in Magnolia, then Round Top, and last in Austin. I am so thankful to have such an amazing family. It was so great to see everyone! Now I have quite a list of things I need to get done. Here are a couple I have done so far this week. I've been getting a ton of Christmas tutu set orders. I've also gotten quite a few regular tutu set orders! Yay for Holidays! I am working on letters for our little twin cousins Camryn and Chloe. I am also doing burp cloths for them. I got Chloe's done tonight and love it! The embroidery file is from Lynnie Pinnie. It came out so cute!

I had an order for a "T" shirt and a matching bow. I was really pleased with this outcome too! The "T" is from the Spunky font at Lynnie Pinnie and the shirt is from Old Navy. The shirt is 15.00 and you pick the color scheme/letter. Bow is 8.00 as usual. Add $2.00 to everything for Paypal, or feel free to mail me a check!

I also got another Christmas TuTu set done. I got this little Gingergirl on Swakembroidery.com by Band to Bow and the shirt is from Old Navy as usual. I really love this one. It is the first green and white striped shirt I've done because I was unsure about it, but I love it! The set is $40.00 with a tutu, shirt, and bow.

Last but not least...isn't this the most adorable stocking ever? It is definitely my favorite stocking yet. I wish I could make our actual stockings look like this! I got the stocking off of Swak by Kimberbell Kids. Shirt from Old Navy. This is just another of the many Christmas bows I have been trying to get done!
Oh and take a look at the dent I am making in my Christmas bow list. Woohoo! Bows are $8.00!

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