Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's Official

I am the WORST blogger ever right now. I can't keep up. I've been staying up late finishing projects and such and by the time I am done I just fall asleep. I haven't had time to put any new pictures or blog at all the past couple of weeks! This will only have a couple of pictures too, but I had to put up something new. I was so busy preparing for the Christmas Market (that turned out awful by the way). It was freezing and raining ALL day. So here are the towels I did for part of Faith's presents for her teachers. I loved every single one!
Faith's teacher ordered a birthday shirt from me for her little girl Molly. Here it is. Birthday shirts are $20.00 with a name and number. You pick the colors. Paypal charge of $2.00 is added at check out.

I will try my very hardest to blog again tomorrow with more pictures! I have done so many other things and have forgotten to take pictures. I hate when that happens! But for now, these will do. Everyone have a wonderful Thursday!

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