Monday, May 3, 2010


I will be no more...I bet you don't believe me. I finally found a look for this blog that I think is truly ME. I've been fond of the ones I've switched between thus far, but I haven't just LOVED any of them. This look is perfect...and is here to stay, for at least a few months *wink*! I've been coming to the close of my taking order period, at least for now. I have about three fairly large custom orders to finish up before June. After that, I am going to sew for my sweet girls and for fun. I'm sure I will do the occasional outfit for a friend or a gift for a family. Sewing and embroidering as a business very quickly became much too overwhelming for me as a mother and wife. I, like many of the other women whose blogs I read, had a very difficult time finding balance. To quote Jessica from Joyfolie, "I want to be a good mother to my children and have a business. Some days that seems like an impossibility." I don't think I could say it better myself. For me, as of right now, it is an impossibility. I am a beginner, and have been learning non stop since starting to sew in October. I enjoy creating, and do not want to lose sight of that. There have been many times lately where sewing has been a chore, and that is not my desire. I still look forward to sharing my projects, and letting out my thoughts/frustrations/praises in this blog. I've taken to blogging almost as much as sewing. There are some absolutely amazing women I have come across because of this blog. The blogging world gives you a look into a world of talent you might never see without it. For that, I am thankful. It is 11:00pm now, and I am trying for more sleep aka less grumpiness, so good night all. See you later this week with all of the lovely things I am creating to decorate our Mother's Day Brunch with! Oh the anticipation...

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  1. I agree completely. Finding the balance was too hard for me, too. Like you, I want sewing to be a creative, fun, outlet- not work.

    I love the new look, too.


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