Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to All!

Let me begin with a few pictures from the Mother's Day Tea at Faith's school this week. I had done a post with a picture of the precious little invitation here. She was so polite and sweet when I came up to the school I could have cried. It was a wonderful little bit of time that we got to spend together!
This was my plate that was waiting for me after Faith came out and got me to escort me to my seat.
Here she is singing a special song about all of the sweet things that mommies do.
Now before I go on to pictures from our Mother's Day Brunch that we had today, I'd like to share one of the sweetest pictures I have ever taken of my little loves. I try to wake up early in the morning so I have some quiet time to drink my coffee, do some yoga, and just enjoy the peacefulness. I find that if I do this, my days start SO much more cheerfully than if not. However, it just doesn't happen every day. Many times I am honestly too tired to drag myself out of bed and miss that last hour of sleep. When I don't wake up first, Faith comes into our room to awake me around seven. Her "Good morning" changes with the day. Sometimes she is sweet and loving, and she hugs me while softly saying, "Good morning, Mommy." Other days, she wakes up bursting with energy and I am awaken with yelling and jumping on the bed. The one thing about the morning that is fairly constant is Lily laying right next to me. She still sleeps with us *sigh*, and Faith wakes her up every morning as well. The other morning I woke up and noticed that Lily wasn't in our bed. Zach was in his usual spot, and the house was still quiet, but no Lily. I immediately got up, thinking to myself, "The kitchen is probably destroyed...I hope they haven't broken anything...". When I walked into the kitchen (which was totally in tact) I heard a little voice saying, "You see Lily, that's why we only feed the fish so much and no more." When I walked into Faith's room they were lying together in bed, cuddled up reading a book. These two girls hardly EVER cuddle anymore. When they are that close to each other it is usually to pull hair, pinch, or bite. That was one of the very BEST mornings I have had in a very long time. The moments like that are truly what make being a mom the greatest gift.
I made a few little things to accent our dining room and make our Mother's Day Brunch a little more festive this year. We hosted the brunch, for several different reasons. The main one is that going to a meal in public has become more of a hassle than anything...I will spare you the details (even though I'm sure several of you know).  I think I'll actually keep the decorations out for a while, they all came out perfect!
Here is a little bouquet of fabric roses that I made to use as a centerpiece.
Then I made a couple of new hand towels for my kitchen.

I made this table runner.
I also made this little banner inspired by one that I saw on Tatertots and Jello
Now for the good stuff, the food. I made a spinach quiche (my husband's favorite), an enormous fruit salad with every berry imaginable *in my first watermelon basket ever*, whole wheat banana and chocolate chip waffles, cranberry orange scones (these are actually them, not much work, but DELICIOUS), apple cider sausage from Samster Mommy's recipe, chocolate covered strawberries *made by Faith*, and ordered a delicious red velvet cake.
I've been wanting to make one of these watermelon baskets for the longest, and it wasn't quite as hard as I thought it would be...definitely messy, though.
The cake was to die for.
Happy Mothers Day! Everyone enjoy it.


  1. Wow! Everything looks great! Happy Mother's Day to you.

  2. Love your blog and this post is so sweet!! The flower bouquet you made is darling. Happy Mother's Day- a few days later. :) Hope you have a beautiful day.


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