Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Finding my Green Thumb and a "Little Black Dress"

I have to say, a lot of my "projects" here lately have been to help my sweet husband in our yard. He does about 95% of the yard work, but I do try to help where I can. I wish I had before and after pictures, because he has truly done SO much work in our yard. We've finally finished most of the back yard and I am happy to show some pictures today! We decided to start a little garden with some family favorites for the spring/summer. The girls are both so excited about it. Every morning Faith has woken up eager to go water her plants. There are so many great advantages to us doing this! It definitely teaches the girls responsibility (Faith mostly), and we can actually be sure of what is in the food we are eating...isn't that a concern of many people these days? We make a great effort to buy organics, but of course they are much more expensive. Zach and I both make how we feed our family and the amount we spend on it a priority though. I can't wait to be able to go out and pick something from our yard to eat! Here is a picture of Miss Lily admiring the garden, and a few pictures of some gorgeous roses in our backyard. The last one is of a little blackberry bush we planted, that already has some small berries! I absolutely can't wait to do our front gardens next week!
I did this little onesie and bow for a friend this week. I think it's precious. Lily had a little black onesie that was screen printed with a design like this that I had received at a shower. When I got the Embroitique newsletter with this little ruffled dress design I KNEW that it would be totally perfect for this order! Lily had fun taking pictures with me in front of the roses...Faith isn't in any of these because she fell asleep already! On the way about 6:00pm...let's hope that is a good thing and not a very very bad one. She usually sleeps on through if it has reached the 6:00pm mark :/.
She's so silly. You know earlier, right after we got home, I was straightening up and getting dinner (a frozen Amy's Spinach Pizza) ready when I heard a little splash. I thought to myself, you must be hearing things and continued on...that was a mistake. A couple of minutes after, I heard a definitely splash. I walk down the hall to inspect things and find Lily, with her favorite purple tea cup, sipping toilet water in the bathroom. I know, ew ew ew...I've never caught either of my children doing something like this before, and it honestly made my stomach upset. At least the toilet was flushed, I guess. Oh the joys of motherhood.

Look what my other little sweetheart brought me home from school-
Lovely, isn't it? It made my heart smile <3

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  1. Wow! Your garden looks awesome!

    Love the little black dress. cute.

    and that card is precious. :)


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