Monday, April 19, 2010

Girly Things and Lovely Paintings

I have been absolutely horrible about taking pictures of orders lately! I have no clue why? Maybe it's because my little models are becoming a bit more uncooperative, or maybe I'm a bit of a procrastinator and am always finishing orders at the VERY last minute and don't have time, either way I've been bad! Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of some things from the past couple of weeks. I made a little onesie with a tutu attached and some flower clips for my friend Angel. The onesie is precious. I totally wish Lily wasn't too old to just wear a onesie!
Then I  made this little tutu set for a friend of a friend. It came out precious! I made a bow and ruffled diaper cover to go with it, but this was the only picture I've gotten from her so far.
Now for a project that is COMPLETELY different from what I typically post on here. We went out for a very dear friends birthday this weekend and has a blast. We started out at this little place called Pinot and Picasso. There is an artist that teaches a step by step class. We did Van Gogh's Cafe at Night. It was rather difficult, but oh so fun. Oh, and did I mention you drink wine the entire time? And in our case, eat birthday cake! This place really was awesome, and there are so many paintings I want to go back and do!! Then we finished with a sushi dinner, mmmmmmm.


  1. How fun!
    Love those tutu sets. How cute!

  2. Waooo that is nice! You are an artist! Love it. Where did you take the classes?


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