Friday, April 9, 2010

Patchwork Dresses and Bibs

Today has been a great day so far (minus my icy cold shower this am...not sure why the hot water wasn't coming on...). The girls and I went to MOPS this morning, which I absolutely loved. I am only sorry it has taken me so long to try it! I will DEFINITELY be signing up for next year.  It was nice to sip coffee and enjoy a hot breakfast uninterrupted with other mommies. We finished up our lunch and Faith is working on her activity book, Lily is napping, and I decided to post another blog. My kitchen is even already clean! And thanks to Natasha at Samster Mommy dinner is in the crock pot. We are trying her crock pot enchiladas tonight, mmmm.

Over the past couple of weeks I have made two more of the little patchwork dresses I did for Faith and Lily. The first one was for my cousin in Kansas, Madison. The second is for a little girl's birthday this weekend. I love the fabrics in them both!

For the dress I just used a bodice pattern I had and then cut a bunch of strips. The dress itself is fairly simple, but time consuming to say the least! I really think if you use the right fabrics they just come out gorgeous!
Now...Lily wasn't the happiest for these pictures, but you get the idea. I did Lily's straps with ribbon and rickrack instead of making them with the fabric. Faith has a dress with straps like this that we got at Macy's, and I've been wanting to try it! It definitely saved a little bit of time on top of looking great.

I have a few little things I have done here and there that I haven't gotten pictures of yet...onesies, bibs, and burp cloths mainly. I'll try to throw in a picture of one with each of my few next posts.

Here are a set of three bibs for Jayde. I just drew up a pattern myself for the bibs, and it works great.

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  1. patchwork dresses are to die for!! way cuter than anything you can buy from janie and jack, gymboree or any other store for that matter! Terri is crazy talented and ALWAYS does an amazing job!


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