Monday, November 16, 2009

A fun weekend and new tutu sets!

Nana came to visit this weekend, which is always tons of fun! We went shopping and to Rainforest Cafe, which both girls absolutely LOVED.We had the best day. I also got quite a bit of work done this weekend. I crossed of my list- Jayden's 2nd birthday outfit, Lily's Christmas tutu set, and Diana's Christmas tutu set. I was very happy with the outcome of all three! The only thing is that Lily's shirt was crooked on the mannequin ( but isn't actually crooked), and I really wish I would have noticed it when we were taking pictures! The Christmas tutu sets include a tutu (red and green or red and white), appliqued Christmas shirt, and 1 large bow or 2 small bows. The appliques of the present and Christmas tree are from and I love them! The birthday set includes the same as the Christmas but is also personalized with the name and is 45.00. I can do any colors on it.

1 comment:

  1. Everything looks awesome Terri! I'm so proud!

    Isn't it fun????


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