Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Outfits for Faith and her new gymnastics bag

So far I haven't tried any sewing patterns. I have only done plain skirts like these. I can't wait to try and make Faith and Lily some cute little pants to go with some of their shirts. I am going to try my first pant pattern tomorrow! Wish me luck. Here are a couple of outfits I've done for Faith. These aren't available to purchase yet, just wanted to show them. I want to be more comfortable with sewing before I begin selling items like this. She loves wearing things I make her. It makes me so proud that she is so proud! She wanted a "long, big girl skirt" which is where the lollipop outfit inspiration came from. Now here is something I made Faith that is for sale! I made her a new gymnastics bag. She loves it and wants to use it for everything. I can do cheerleading and dance girl figures also. This one if from swakembroidery.com and I think she is just too cute. The bag is 22.00 personalized with a name.

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