Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One Christmas outfit down

So I finished one of Faith's Christmas outfits this past week. It is for her Santa pictures, I love how it came out. The white shirt is from Old Navy and the embroider file from Sew Forum. Lily's is next, hers will be a red and white tutu though, and a red shirt with a candy cane. Pictures soon. Also, I finished Brayden's birthday shirt, but still have to finish his birthday presents!

        I am doing the Christmas outfits for a couple of friends. It is 40.00 for a tutu, long sleeve shirt with any Christmas applique/embroidery and either one matching big bow or two small for pig tails. I will put the pay pal button on here by the outfit as soon as my account gets confirmed! Now I must go try to finish cleaning my sewing room (storage closet). It is a complete wreck, I'm not really sure how anyone can keep an area like that clean. I'll learn, but now is the perfect time. There are no interruptions in my quiet house. 

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  1. OMG! You have to tell me how you added that 'add to cart' button!! I'm so jealous. I want one on my blog!!!!!


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