Saturday, November 21, 2009

PayPal Purchases

I plan to get some sewing done this evening (will have pictures tomorrow), but the main reason for this post is that I didn't realize there was a charge on paypal orders! I am going to have to up the prices on the blog $2.00 on everything. BUT anyone can feel free to email me and I will email them my address for a check and then you will not have to pay the extra! Sorry for this inconvenience. I suppose I should have researched it a little better! Anyway, I did do one really cute Christmas kitchen towel for my kitchen and another Christmas bow I will put pictures of. I love how the towel came out! I can't wait to make one more, and then start putting up all of my stuff yay! The towel is 10.00 or 2 for 16.00. The bow is 8.00. Buying them off of here will make it 12.00, 2 for 18.00, and 10.00.

Set of Two

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