Monday, March 15, 2010

Cowgirl Kailee

I made this little shirt to go with this skirt I had already made for Kailee last week for her Rodeo day at school. It came out adorably. She is going to be a big sister, so I didn't add her name to this shirt. Camryn (soon to be little sister) will be able to wear it one day too!
So this week is Faith's spring break, and the girls are staying the week in Austin with Nana and Granny. Wow, it sure is quiet around here. I am getting SO much accomplished. I took a ton of pictures of some squeaky clean rooms today, but can't find my camera right now. I'll just tell you what all I have done the past two days.
1. Completely reorganized my sewing room, wow.
2. Deep cleaned and added some cutsie decorations to the playroom bathroom.
3. Deep cleaned and organized the playroom. This includes cleaning out all EIGHT cabinets (I will post a picture tomorrow), and labeling them. We now have cabinets specifically for puzzles, games, building toys, educational activities, crafting, etc.
4. Cleaned and organized our laundry room (which is where we also store all of our holiday decorations). Believe it or not, this was the second worst room.
5. Deep cleaned the living room.
6. Completely organized the sunken in area (picture to come, I know this makes no sense to those who haven't been to my house)
7. Got about 90% of the wallpaper torn down from our bathroom! Wooooohoooooo!!

Zach has also gotten SO much done in our yard. It is amazing what you can accomplish without any interruptions. However, we already miss our sweet little girls. Now I am finishing up my Defensive Driving *frown* and going to try and finish cleaning our room. Tomorrow it is on to the girls' rooms then the kitchen and I am DONE cleaning. My sewing room has been calling my name since I got home Saturday....I'll be in there as soon as I can.

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