Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy First Birthday!

These two outfits were requests from friends from high school for their sweet babies on their first birthdays. Aren't they adorable? It was my first time to do a birthday hat, but I've been wanting to try. We paid $10.00 for Lily's little one that came from Party City last year, and obviously wasn't personalized or anything. Then I've searched them at boutiques and on Etsy, and the least expensive one I could find was ~$25.00 (+ shipping if on Etsy). I was almost positive I could make them for less than that...almost everything I make is close to half what you would pay in any little baby or children's boutiqe. So anyway, here is little Jackson's shirt and birthday hat.
Here is little Miss Cambrie's outfit. Isn't Cambrie the cutest/most original name you've ever heard? I <3 it. Lily modeled it for me, she is still so little she could probably model anything I do 6mo and up...ha.

Lily did so well as my little model, I was proud of her! I am completely in love with Cambrie's outfit, I love the colors together. I have to say, I was a bit excited when Chloe (Cambrie's mom) told me to just pick whatever colors I wanted to use. As I've said a few times recently, I'm a little burnt out on pink and this was fun for me. I also hadn't done a tutu in quite a while. They are a little tedious, but do you want to know why I love doing them so much? *Don't judge me* I can do them in the living room at night while everyone is sleeping and watch tv at the same time...yes, I know this sounds pathetic. We have one tv in our entire house (I'm not complaining about that), because we don't want the girls sitting in front of it all the time. But anyway, My sewing room is away from everything in the house, and sometimes it is extremely boring to sit and hold a shirt back from the embroidery machine for 30 minutes or so. I can't get up and do anything else, but I'm not really doing anything except for holding some fabric.

Okay I'm done complaining! I am so lucky to have the machines I do, and a great sewing room =). On to the next though. We got the Express catalog in this week and I saw this skirt in it. I want one...really bad...really, really bad. It is $69.50 though, and I decided that I would attempt to make a similar one! Probably without the studs on the denim section, but I think it will look fine without it. Wish me luck!

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  1. Oh my goodness, the cuteness!!! Love this set right down to the ruffle bloomers. Adorable!!


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