Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter- We're Ready for YOU!

Here is the Easter decoration post I've been babbling about, and I think all of my little decorations turned out just lovely. My house definitely looks like spring now!

I'll go through my little projects piece by piece. First up, the Easter banner. I have made this banner several times and just love it. I got it at Embroitique. I actually have both, the Party banner and the Love banner. I wish the Love one could stay up all year round (don't tell anyone that I just took it down last week), but it was time for something more spring-ish!
Then here are the glittered eggs that Faith and I made with the help of a tutorial from Samster Mommy. They are our centerpiece for the breakfast table in our kitchen. I've decided a couple of days later that they might be a little too tempting to sit in the middle of the table we always eat at, but we'll see.
Then I made these little hand towels for our kitchen. The egg was a freebie from Lynnie Pinnie and I just sewed all the ruffles on to the others. I've used those same four fabrics for ALL of my Easter things. I love them all.
Lastly, here are the two place mats I made for Zach and my spots at the table. Why two, you ask? Well, if I made four, the other two would be completely unused, because Faith and Lily have to eat on the plastic ones...I'm sure you know why. I might pick them up two Easter ones to coordinate with ours.
That sums up my Easter decor! I'm working on completing an order for my cousin's little girl and finishing up Lily's Easter dress now. I finished these flower clips for my cousin, and am almost finished with her letters! Yay, on to her dress =). These satin clips were inspired by all of the little flowers that Jessica makes at Mia Joie, I love all of hers and the ones I see on Etsy. I think they are the perfect alternative to a bow!
Everyone have a blessed day!

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