Thursday, March 4, 2010

Move Over Superman

Because there is a new hero in town, and her name is....SUPER F! She is faster than lightening, and is capturing villains left and right to create a more peaceful place for us all!

Of course she also stays busy doing other super hero activities like- jumping on Mommy and Daddy's bed.

Reading her favorite book in her room

And trying to fill up her dinosaur piggy bank-


Faith has been wanting one of these shirt/cape things for so long now. I'm not sure why I hadn't thought of making one myself for her until now. Everytime we go into one of our favorite baby boutiques (Baby Bugaloo) I look at them, but they are all $40.00-$50.00, and I just haven't been able to bring myself to pay that much. So Tuesday, when we were in Hobby Lobby, Faith started begging me for this sequin knit that she always begs me for (and I, in turn, always say, "No Faith, there's nothing to make with it). All of a sudden I remembered the cape shirt and pictured this adorable thing in my head! Faith was more than excited to finally get her super hero shirt, and mommy was equally happy to spend about $10.00 on it (we got the knit from the remnants!!!) instead of $40.00. Don't you love when that happens? Faith thinks Lily needs one now, we will see.
Now guess what, I have even more good news! You've heard me rave about Mia Joie before I know, I am just so impressed with her work it's hard not to. Her shoes are by far the most adorable toddler shoes I have EVER seen, but because they are, they sell out within minutes of being posted...almost every time. I'm never that quick, and every time I look at her blog, they are gone. Well, last night I got on the computer after everyone was sleeping and took a peek at Jessica's blog and guess what? She had just posted about these on her blog. How many pairs did she post you ask? ONE! Yes, that's right, one pair of peeped toe a size 5! Lily is in a 4, so this was perfect. I clicked on the link (undoubtedly expecting a "sold out"), and low and behold...I purchased my first pair of Mia Joie shoes! I cannot cannot CANNOT wait to get them in. 

Now that I have started sewing and making so many of the girls things, I really do love buying them handmade clothing and accessories. There is something about buying a handmade item from another mom just like myself that is really pleasing to me. These are going to be PERFECT with Lily's easter outfit I have planned. Stay tuned for pictures =).  Look at these other previous shoes she has done, I sure hope there are some like these this spring...Marianna , Sabrina, Roxie...okay I'll stop, even thought I could most definitely go on. Please let me keep the luck I had last night for her next ones!

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  1. Make sure to post a pic of sweet Lily in those super super cute shoes, ohh can't wait to see them :)


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