Friday, March 19, 2010

Faith's Dresses

I do not feel well at all right now, which is ever so aggravating. However, I do want to quickly share these two little dresses that I made for Faith. I will come back tomorrow and link to the patterns, appliques, etc. For now-

Here is Faith's Easter dress. This is made from the Feliz pattern, and the patterns tells the truth when it says it is for an "advanced seamstress". I really love it though. We all know that clothing looks SO much better on sweet little children, but unfortunately mine won't be able to try it on until tomorrow. These were the best I could get with the wind blowing.
***Added 3/20- Okay so I did have a few things to add about the Feliz dress. I got the pattern in a book called Sewing Clothes Kids Love after reading that my cousin purchased it. The book is AWESOME, and it is only $16.50. It comes with ~10 other patterns as well. The Feliz pattern itself is usually around $15.00 so I think it is just such a great deal. I will definitely admit that I was very intimidated about starting this project. I wanted Faith to have this dress for Easter though, and I had it planned out in my head and was determined. It took me a couple of days to finish (I took a lot of breaks). In the end, I am incredibly pleased with the dress. I am SO very proud of myself for finishing it. I also see why most places online charge close to $100.00 for a finished dress.
The last dress is a little play dress I made for Faith from the Sienna pattern at Lil Blue Boo. I made this out of a really old Guess T-shirt of mine with the little rabbit on it, an old pair of my pajama pants, and two of Faith's old knit play dresses. 
***Added 3/20- Isn't this dress adorable? I know that it is pretty wild, but Faith is very wild. I think she will love it, and that is what I was going for =). The next one I make her I will probably do the next size down and shorten the sleeves. This came out a little bigger than what I was expecting. Lil Blue Boo is where I got this pattern, I am in LOVE with all of her dresses that she makes. I found some adorable shirts at Target that I have seen her use before and got some yesterday. Next week I want to make Faith a Dr. Seuss one and a
"Give a Hoot don't Pollute" one. This dress was overall fairly simple for me to put together. I only had problems on the neck, which seems to be an area everyone has problems with. Any tips?

Now I'm going to clean and get ready to go get my babies!

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