Monday, March 22, 2010

Faith's New Dresses Part Two and a Tutu Set

My darling little Faith came home yesterday and modeled her two dresses (completely cooperating with me, I might add). Here she is in her Feliz Easter dress and my new wedges. Aren't they adorable? We got Faith a pair of Born sandals last year and they held up very well, and they were the perfect addition to her summer wardrobe. I got these at DSW and love them. I was browsing/swooning on their website and came across these. Whoa, I know I don't even have to go into how I feel about them. Alright, I didn't create this blog to indulge my shoe fetish is my sweetheart.
On a serious note, she is not always so sweet...and I truly do wish I (I being me, my husband, the grandparents, great grandparents, teachers, friends, etc) could figure out an effective method of thwarting the "other" Faith's frequent appearances. The "other" Faith is moody, defiant, and has a bit of a temper. She refuses to do what is asked of her...
Exhibit A:
Me "Faith, smile and take a picture in your new dress"
Faith "No, I don't want to"
She, for whatever reasons, seems to believe that if she arches her back (as far as she possibly can without falling over) she will be more successful at conveying her message. 
Then she decides that a picture on her Time Out stool would be best (she obviously feels comfortable there, and it's very familiar).
 After we finished this lovely photo session we (inspired from Natasha's post at Samster Mommy) began our glittered egg project. I want to finish ALL of my Easter decorations for one post though, so no final pictures of those tonight. Here is a small preview-

Now for a few pictures of her partner in crime. This tutu set is a size 3-6 month, and it fits 18 month old Lily just fine. She is SO tiny, but really never stops eating. We ate dinner tonight (whole wheat banana chocolate chip pancakes, spinach/onion/turkey bacon omelets, and a kiwi/grape/clementine fruit salad), and she completely cleaned her plate. There wasn't anything on the floor below the high chair. I'd say there was a good fifteen minute period after dinner before she came running out of the kitchen with a Cliff bar for Zach to open. She is as powerful as a garbage disposal, literally. She really hammed it up for me today.
And just so that sweet little face doesn't fool you, here is a pic of the "other" Lily. Yes, unfortunately there is one of those too.
If you need even more of a laugh, you should go read Jessica's story she posted today about her two lovely pumpkins...she makes me feel a little more sane after reading her posts. And she makes VERY cute shoes =)

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